Skyp Sock

 Simple Skyp Socks     Skyp Rib Socks

Simple Skyp Socks (left) and Skyp Rib Socks (right) – I designed these two sock patterns based on one of my favorite stitches for socks.  I can’t recall where I first saw this stitch or if “skyp” was the actual abbreviation that was used.  All I do know is that I love this stitch, the abbreviation makes sense to me and I have been using them both for years.

These patterns have not yet been test knit, other than by myself.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions.  Enjoy.

Regional Socks

Regional Socks     

Regional socks – I designed these socks while watching my son compete in his regional wrestling meet.  The better he did, the longer we stayed.  He did very well, second place, and I finished most of the first sock before we left.  A wonderful memento of a wonderful day.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Liz for test knitting this pattern.


I have finally found the time to start getting all the patterns in my head written down to share with others.  Hope you enjoy them.


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